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Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Night Cream (Bio-Certified)


Intensive blemish treatment

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Intensive treatment cream-gel with direct aim at contrasting blemishes and occasional imperfections.

How it works:
The synergy of salicylic acid, bromelain and sodium usnate favours exfoliation in treated areas, helping to dry and reduce blemishes. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, sodium usnate, a salified acid obtained from the lichen "usnea barbata", helps to mantain balance in skin cleanliness, impeding the development of additional imperfection. propolis, a complex resin rich in flavonoids, mineral salts, vitamins and amino acids, has been used since ancient times for its anti-microbial properties, but is also an anti-oxidant, preserving skin equilibrium b protecting from infections and from free radicals.

How to use Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Night Cream (Bio-Certified):
Apply only on spots or localized imperfections.

Key ingredients of Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Night Cream (Bio-Certified):
Sodium usnate, Salicylic acid, Propolis, Bromelain