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Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Body Butter


Rich Body Butter

To be used after your shower or bath

Massage in this nourishing protective body butter your skin will regain smoothness and elasticity, giving a more youthful, radiant appearance.

How it works:
The butterfly tree extract is a biological defense of cellular DNA for a distinct anti-age action.The buriti oil is a precious , active ingredient which derives from a palm originating in Brasil also known as "tree of life".Its typical colour "bright orange" recalls the incrediable richness in carotenoids,whose concentration is linked to the reknown anti-oxidant power of the oil.The buriti oil is highly rich in fatty acids which convey a precious nutrition to skin.The normal formulation water has been greatly replaced with a steril, organic , remineralizing orange water.The organic karité butter derives from an African tree also named " the tree of youth" thanks to its richness in fat acids, vitamins and insaponifiables. The jojoba oil is an extraordinary beauty elixir, because it is rich in skin-like lipids and tocopherols, which are able to pentetrate easily thanks to a structure that is linear instead of being branched.

How to use:
Apply and spread all over the body sparingly. Massage with circular movements to facilitate effective absorbtion, which in organic products is slower and more gradual.

Key ingredients:
Butterfly tree extract , buriti oil, karitè butter, organic orange distilled water and jojoba oil.