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Comfort Zone Renight Cream


Nourishing Antioxidant Night Cream

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Comfort Zone Renight cream is a soft rich night cream with antioxidant and protective actions for dehydrated, depleted and stressed skins. This lovely rich cream will rejuvenate skin that has been exposed to stress, pollution & sun exposure, offering extraordinary results. Put on before bed & be amazed when you wake how nourished & revitalised you skin feels. Our clients in the spa love Comfort Zone Renight for it extraordinary renewing & revitalising properties.

How Comfort Zone Renight Cream work:
The Goji berry is a precious fruit originating in Tibet and which traditionally has miraculous anti-aging attributes. The oil extracted from the berry has a very highl concentration of anitoxidants, more so than other fruit. The hyaluronic acid, with its high molecular weight, hydrates the skin and has a protective action against skin aging. Lycopene enhances the antioxidant action of Goji berry oil, ensuring its properties are not destroyed on account of environmental pollution.

How to use:
Apply to face and neck and massage until completely absorbed. The renight vitamin integrator can be applied before the cream for a more intensive antioxidant action, or otherwise the renight dermo-filler can be applied before the cream for a filler effect.

Key ingredients:
Goji berry oil, hyaluronic acid, lycopene.