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Comfort Zone Hydramemory Hydramask


Comfort Zone Hydramemory Hydramask

Comfort Zone Hydramemory mask helps to restore vitality and hydration to the skin. It reforms the skins natural compactness & leaves it feeling velvety & silky.

Our clients at The Secret Day Spa love this hydramemory mask & ensure to use it once a week on tired dull, dehydrated skin.

They find their skin is left feeling refreshed, nourished & glowing. A must have product for anyone with dehydrated skin or skin that is tired, with a creppy dull like appearance.

How Hydramemory Hyrdamask works:
This rich mask has highly effective active ingredients that aids to restore the skin's tone and guarantees deeper hydration.
Dermatologically tested this mask In 10 minutes with aid to restore the skin's correct water balance.


The wonderful results you will experience after using Hydramemory Mask:

  • Restores hydration & vitality
  • Extraordinary compactness & smoothness is re-formed
  • Helps to transform depleted, dull creppy like skin.
How to use:
Apply to face and neck and massage until fully absorbed. Working upwardly using circular movments.
Key ingredients:
Trehalose, Baobab extract, Hyaluronic acid, Rice and Jojoba oils.