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Comfort Zone Active Pureness Fluid


Matifying light hydrator

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Comfort Zone Active Pureness fluid is a light emulsion with a lovely velvety texture, ideal for hydrating & rebalancing combination skin impurities & excessive oil production. You will love the light texture of Active Pureness fluid. This lovely fluid will leave your skin feeling soft & silky. As with all the Comfort Zone Active Pureness range this is a must for anyone with problematic skin.


Try Comfort Zone Active Pureness Rebalancing Facial 55mins for problematic skin or Active Pureness Regenerating Facial 75mins. The simple mix of science & nature create simple clear results. You will be amazed.

The wonderful results you will experience after using Comfort Zone Active Pureness Fluid
Soft Silky skin
Skin which has been well moisturized but does not cause the skin to be oily
How Comfort Zone Active Pureness works:
The synergy of a derivative of avocado oil and marine affinisphereTM combine to inhibit this transformation, thereby reducing sebum production. The marine affinisphereTM has the ability for selective action thanks to a lipidic covering that gives it a particular affinity to the oily skin, and thus pemits a more direct cutaneous anchoring, especially in the "T" zone. Here, it realises its content of zinc gluconate, which inhibits the enzyme activity, allowing an effective matifying action. propolis, a resinous substance rich in flavonoids, mineral salts, Key ingredienvitamins and amino acids, has been used since ancient times for its anti-microbial properties, but is also an anti-oxidant, preserving skin equilibrium by protecting from infections and from free radicals
How to use:
Apply to well-cleansed skin, massaging delicately.
Key ingredients:
Avocado oil derivative, Marine affinisphereTM, Propolis