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Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Oil (Bio-Certified)


Nourishing & Toning Body Oil

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For hydration and anti-aging add this oil to your daily routine to nourish your skin with the benefits of organic oils.

How it works:
Buriti oil is a precious active ingredient which originates from a palm tree in Brazil and is also known as the "tree of life". its unique bright orange colour recalls its richness in carotenoids and therefore its powerful anti-oxidant action. Buriti oil is also rich in fatty acids which deeply nourish the skin. jojoba oil is recommended in all cases of premature skin aging and also for dry skins which have the tendency to wrinkles and stretchmarks due to the skin being thinner. jojoba oil is an extraordinary beauty elixir because it is rich in lipids which have an affinity for the skin due to its linear structure.

How to use Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Oil (Bio-Certified):
Apply the oil and massage until completely absorbed. It can be applied also to the face to nourish skin depleted.

Key ingredients of Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Oil (Bio-Certified):
Buriti oil, jojoba, organic oils