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Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Gommage (Bio-Certified)


Delicate & Nourishing Renewal Face & Body Scrub

Face & body gommage with jojoba particles to smooth and exfoliate the skin, perfect for skins which are depleted and sensitive. This product is deeply nourishing and helps to renew the skins natural barrier function. 

How it works:
Butterfly bush extract enhances and enriches the formula, assuring organic defence of the DNA of the skin's cells for a notable anti-aging action. Buriti oil is a precious active ingredient which originates from a palm tree in Brazil and is also known as the "tree of life".its unique bright orange colour recalls its richness in carotenoids and therefore its powerful anti-oxidant action. Buriti oil is also rich in fatty acids which deeply nourish the skin. normal water which is usually found in the formulation has been mostly substitued by an organic distilled orange water, which has a remineralizing action. shea butter, originating from an African plant, also known as "the tree of youthfulness", owes its name to its extraordinary richness in fatty acids, vitamins and unsaponifiables, which deeply nourish and protect the skin against environmental factors such as the sun, wind.

How to use:
Apply to cleansed, dry skin and delicately massage to favour the break-down of the jojoba particles. Leave for a few moments and then remove with warm water.

If skin is feeling more sensitized, ensure skin is dampened before application of renewal face and body scrub.

Key ingredients:
Buriti oil, butterfly bush extract, shea butter, orange distilled water and natural jojoba spheres.