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Comfort Zone Man Space Shower Performer


Revitalizing Shower Gel

A satisfying and fresh cleansing action, suitable for both skin and hair thanks to the beneficial blend of innovative hydrating and revitalizing agents.

How it works:
A delicate cleansing agent derived from olive oil allows the formulation to be lower in other sufactants, ensuring comfortable cleansing, while also producing a pleasant foam. téphroline™, an extract from the tephrosia purpurea plant, favours the synthesis of beta-endorphins that controls stress within the skin. liposomes containing swiss zermatt glacier water, with specific mineral salts, favour a profound and lasting hydration and nourishing action. The hydrating action is enhanced with the presence of the almond protein, which has a filmogenic-protective action, thereby reducing the depletion of water. Conditioning agents leave the hair soft and easy to comb and make the product ideal for all types of skin and hair.

How to use:
Apply thoroughly to wet skin and hair and massage gently. Rinse well. Repeat if desired.

Key ingredients:
betaphroline™, glacier water in liposomes, olive oil