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Comfort Zone Man Space Shave Performer


Gentle Emolient For Shaving


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facilitates a perfect shave, helps avoid irritation.

How it works:
téphroline™, an extrat from the tephrosia purpurea plant, favours the synthesis of beta-endorphins that control stress. Olive oil, noted for emollient properties, gives the skin elasticity nourishment, and compactness. Allantoin is an effective soothing agent that attenuates redness and reinforces the skin's protective barrier. menthyl lactate bestows freshness and a pleasant sensation of vitality.

How to use:
moisten the area to be shaved with lukewarm water, and apply the product in an even layer. Rinse the blade often.

Key ingredients:
betaphroline™, olive oil, allantoin, menthyl lactate