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Comfort Zone Hydramemory Fluid


Prolonged Silky Hydration

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Comfort Zone Hydramemory Fluid 24hr offers profound hydration & skin that feels exceptional & silky skin smooth over 24hrs. This beautiful light fluid contributes to prolonging youthful skin. Our clients in the spa love hydramemory fluid to as a great base under their make-up. The lovely light fluid is great for combination skin.

The wonderful properties of Comfort Zone Hydramemory Fluid;

Comfort Zone Hydramemory fluid has been specially designed to combat damaged, dehydrated skin.

The results after using Hydramemory Fluid

Profound Hydration

Exceptional silky smooth skin over 24 hrs

Prolonged youthful skin

How it works

Trehalose is a hydro-active sugar obtained from desert plants able to create a protective barrier around cells limiting their loss of water. Baobab extract is obtained from the leaves of the invaluable African plant known also as the "Plant of Life" since it can survive up to 5,000 years. Its moisturising efficacy is linked to the mucilage obtained from leaves because it is able to bond with large amounts of wa ter. Trimoist™ is a complex of active ingredients able to mimic the three mechanisms that safeguard cutaneous hydration by reforcing the hydrolipidic mantle with a lipophilic and hydrophilic mechanism


To combat dehydrated skin or skin exposed to the cold weather. Great for combination ski