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Comfort Zone Active Pureness Scrub



Comfort Zone Active Pureness Scrub 75ml

A purifying, intensive exfoliant with pure silica particles for impure, oily skin.


Within the Comfort Zone Active Pureness Scrub there are micro-particles of Lithothamnium alge, propolis and natural extract for remineralising and a double renewing action to the skin.

Lithothanmium is known as a re-calcified algae, that is found deep in the sea as calcific thallus. With the high content of calcium and magnesium, it benefits with an effective remineralising action on the skin, improving the balance of the cutaneous. Dispersed in a luxurious creamy base, the micro-particles of this algae favour an effective smoothing action to remove any impurities, clears pores and to stimulate cellular turnover, aiding in desquamation of dead skin cells. Natural extracts for purifying, astringent action and calming, work in synergy to purify and normalise without irritating, giving the skin a renewed brightness. Propolis, a resinous substance rich in mineral salts, vitamins, amino acids and flavonoids, has been used since ancient historical times for its anti-microbial properties, but it is also an anti-oxidant, preserving skin equilibrium by protecting from free radicals.



Apply to a well-cleansed and lightly moistened face and neck. Massage delicately in small circular motions and, if desired, leave on a few minutes and rinse. This scrub is suitable for both the impure oily and dehydrated skin.